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Excellence In Action

Sono Field House is a first class sports & special events facility located in Norwalk, Connecticut. Our staff, clients, and friends of Sono Field House live by our motto, “Excellence In Action.” We believe one must demonstrate excellence through action on and off the field. Sports and active special events build self confidence and a sense of community, and that the lessons learned through sports translate into life-long benefits.

At Sono Field House, we strive to achieve excellence in every way. This means we are committed to delivering an outstanding curriculum, “state of the art” facility and best-in-class services to each of our clients in every aspect of your experience here.

Our Mission

To provide and promote Excellence In Action through truly exceptional sports, personal development, and team experiences.  Through our programming, we seek to improve community connections, support healthy lifestyles, and develop winning athletes.

Our Vision

Sono Field House is designed to be an integral part of the surrounding community. We provide the opportunity for every customer to experience top quality training, exceptional corporate and youth leadership, unsurpassed sports programming, and memorable parties and special corporate events.

Our History

Sono Field House opened its doors in October of 2009. We are currently accepting registrations for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, corporate events, birthday parties, and more.  Registrations and reservations for parties and special event dates should be made early!  Contact us today if you are interested in learning more.

Sono Field House is open: 2/8/16 - All Clinics and Rentals will run, as scheduled.